Monday, August 31, 2009

In The Beginning

February 24, 2004

Hi, guys. I'm not sure how many of you were aware, but my older brother, Chad, had (melanoma) about two years ago. We caught it early and he has been in remission for about 18 months. Today, he went to a surgeon to have a knot under his arm looked over. The surgeon in Albemarle didn't like what he saw and is sending him to Charlotte in the morning to have it removed for biopsy. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself, but, naturally, we're all very concerned and shaken. I don't know how many of you are praying people, but I believe in the power of prayer, and I'm asking all of you to lift him up tonight.

Love to you all...Marti

The next evening, in the check-out line at my neighborhood Bi-Lo, I got the news that Chad's tumor was malignant. I began to sob...right there in the grocery store, as the cashier and fellow-shoppers eyed me nervously. I just could not get a hold of myself. As I think back on that moment, and I remember it well, I realize, more than anything else, I was grieving the all too sudden passing of life as I knew it.

The Wonder Years had come to an end. They would not return.

The above email to various friends and family marks the beginning of my journey of suffering. It doesn't speak to my brother's suffering...I cannot even begin to do it justice. Neither does it speak to my family's suffering. Truly, I can only really speak to my own There would be many, many more emails to a growing number of folks over the course of the next few years. And, as the distribution list grew, so did the author. I would like to share the messages and the journey with you through this blog.

How one seemingly normal afternoon I was sitting in my cubicle...and how the ringing of the phone on that afternoon changed everything...

The very first step on my road to Ephraim.

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  1. I try to keep my inbox clear of emails after I read them...only a very few get to stick around. As many times as I have "cleaned up" my inbox, I have never been able to delete those emails. I read through them the other day and cried liked I did three years ago...I can't believe it has been that long...much much love...