Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Rich Woman

Well, as you may be wondering, Little Miss Mia did indeed make her debut on her sweet momma's birthday...and she is indeed just about the sweetest and prettiest little thing God ever did make.

And I'm not a bit biased, thank you very much.

I went to see her on Monday night, then left to go to Chad's grave.  I told him...she is perfect in every way, planned by God from the beginning, and her momma is loved and cherished by a man that takes wonderful care of her.  It's just what my brother wanted.

God is faithful.  Even when it makes you cry...He is so faithful.

(deep breath inserted here)

I have more big news.  My Papa Jack turns...drumroll please...90 years old today.  Independence Day!

He may be old, but he is NOT as old America.

For those of you who know my PJ...well, you're welcome, because he is certainly a pleasure to know.  There isn't a phase of my memory that doesn't include PJ.  He has been with me from my first breath.  He was always Chad's big buddy, and I was my Mimi's girl...but as I have grown older I have learned to appreciate PJ on a much deeper level than doting grandpa. 

I am a rich woman.

Not in that the traditional sense I'm actually quite poor, BUT...

In the sense of richness of relationships, which is far more valuable than money and can never be bought with cash, I am a seriously rich woman.  I have been born into a legacy that is generations old of godly individuals.  Men and women that honored God and His Holy Word, lived humble and generous lives, loved their neighbors and one another, raised faith-filled, responsible, and honest children, and whose kindness extends grace and mercy to all they meet.  Not perfect people...

Redeemed people.

And if you can't same the same, let it begin with you.  Today. 

I'm sure if you asked PJ, he could name a list a mile long of things he would have done differently a second time around.  But, I'm here to declare, my grandaddy has made me a rich woman.  He blesses all he meets with his sweet spirit, he has shown me how a man should love a woman and his children, he demonstrates generosity to those in need, he has forgiven me time and again without question, disciplined me when it was necessary and for my good, and he has loved as unconditionally as any person I know.  Simply put, if I can pass along half the legacy to my children and grandchildren as my PJ has passed along to me, well, then our family's wealth continues.

Wealth of eternal blessings, not temporal blessings.  Wealth that lives on, even after the cash is long gone.

Wealth from Jesus, our Savior.

Thank you, PJ.  I owe you more than I could ever pay, but I will do my best to honor your legacy, and pass along Jesus and all you've ever given to me on...and on...and on...

Tell it to your children,
and let your children tell it to their children,
and their children to the next generation.
- Joel 1:3


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