Monday, March 18, 2013

Just for Fun and Sparkley Green Earrings

I read the funniest book ever this weekend...otherwise known as the funniest book I've read in recent memory. The last "funniest book I ever read" had a title that had something to do with an Olive Tree, but I can't exactly remember what, and man I wish I could because you would LOVE it.

Hate that for you.

Anyway, the book I read this weekend was called Sparkley Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle...otherwise known as Big Mama from The Big Mama Blog.

I haven't had time to forget that!  Holla.

Anyway (again), I have heard of Big Mama in the past because she writes blog postings for The Pioneer Woman from time to time, and I basically read everything on The Pioneer Woman's blog.  I have never wanted to be a pioneer woman more.  Well, I have never wanted to be a pioneer woman, period, but she makes it look like a ton of fun and even a little glamorous which, considering she lives on a cattle ranch, takes considerable talent.  Now, I'm not saying that I am obsessed with The Pioneer Woman, aka Ree Drummond, but what I am saying is that if you asked Jason if I was obsessed with The Pioneer Woman, he might have a different answer.

Big Mama (and by the by there is nothing big about her) wrote this book, Sparkley Green Earrings, on motherhood...and, since I have no children nor immediate plans for children, it's safe to say that I knew nothing about the subject of said book when I bought it.  I just wanted to read Big Mama's book.  Although, now that I'm typing that out, the fact that she is called Big Mama at all probably should have clued me in to what the book was about.

I'm sad to did not.


Anyway (AGAIN), the fact that I have no children nor immediate plans for children did absolutely nothing to damper the delightfulness of this book.  It was LOL funny, people.  Laugh out loud.  I mean laugh out loud in such a way that your significant other might begin to give you dirty looks because he's getting sick of not being in on all the laughing out loud.  So whether you have kids, want kids, don't want kids, don't want kids but will probably have a slew of them, love kids, hate kids, feel altogether indifferent towards the book.  It's a winner.

Now, you may be thinking that this entry has absolutely nothing to do with Ephraim, but I beg to differ.  Laughter has everything to do with fruitfulness, and fruitfulness can be birthed right out of suffering according to Ephraim, so basic Algebra (be impressed. If a=b and b=c...well then a=c, folks) tells me that laughter and Ephraim go hand in hand.  And in the words of Truvey from Steel Magnolias (yes, I do in fact have a Steel Magnolias quote for every moment in life), "Laughter through tears in my favorite emotion." (please read with deep Southern twang for full effect.)

Yes, I passed Algebra.  Don't sound so surprised   It only took two times and I still say 8th grade is too young for letters in math.

Oh, your kid passed Algebra in the 6th grade?  Bully for you.

Actually, that is impressive.

And, yes, I do have a degree in Finance.  That actually is a little surprising...and  perhaps sad...and a little frightening...

You can judge me if you want, but my mom says I have personality for days...and wouldn't you rather be around a kinda slow person with tons of personality that a smart person who is sort of a jerk?

That's what I thought!  Game, set, match.

I was pretty bad at tennis, too.  But it did provide an opportunity for me to wear the skirt since I was NOT coordinated enough to be a cheerleader.  True confessions.

Ephraim, y'all.  Keep laughing!  Even through the tears if you have to...  ;)

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